A couple years ago, I volunteered at church to help cook fellowship dinners, and the next thing I knew I was regularly cooking meals for up to 100 people by myself. When faced with cooking for dozens of people, scaling up recipes can be daunting, and that is why I’m here to help! Be it for a church supper, charity party, DIY wedding, or family reunion, there are plenty of ways to prepare delicious meals within a very reasonable budget.

Food as Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life at home, in my neighborhood, and at church. I hope you will find this online community as welcoming as a real kitchen. For me, cooking and sharing that food together builds the best communities! Let’s get cooking together.

Quality Cooking in Quantity

Just because we are cooking in larger quantities does not mean we should sacrifice on the quality of the meal we are preparing. Check out my blog for tips to make quantity cooking faster, easier, and within your budget. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask by sending a message or posting a comment.

About Erica

Erica is a scientist by day, food blogger by night. In 2005, she started her first blog Erica’s Recipes to share her love for creating new dishes. An Ironman triathlete, Erica’s philosophy is to set big scary goals and conquer fears. Erica is a U.S. Army veteran.